Fashion In Music: Joan Jett

Going on some of the comments I received on my post about blogging, readers like to get to know the blogger. They like to find out what makes them tick and what inspires them. I decided that I need to let a little more of my personality shine through and what else inspires me. Also I will also endeavor to write more in my posts. It can be hard for a number of reasons but content is the key and it is what keeps people coming back time and time again. On that note I think I’ll get on with it. 
Music plays a big part in my life – it has done for as long as I can remember. So I felt it was a huge injustice that this wasn’t represented in someway through my blog. On the same vein as the movie post I am going to pick an Artist or Band that has inspired me both through their music and fashion. This month it is the turn of my number one heroine Joan Jett.


If you do not know who she is, I’ll give you a quick low down. Joan Jett founded the band The Runaways at the tender age of 16 – they were the first rock group of their kind, being all female. After the band disbanded in 1979 Joan went solo for a while before setting up Blackheart Records and going on to form Joan Jett and the Blackhearts.
I love Joan Jett because she embodies such a great message – to never change who you are no matter what people tell you. Her record was rejected by 23 major record labels before it was released and it just proves that with hard work and determination you really can achieve anything. Being a woman in a man’s world can be tough but Joan has never let this stand in her way. As for Joan’s fashion – it was pretty different to other girls her age. She wanted to look like the male rock stars of her age and always wore her trade mark biker jacket – a woman after my own heart. She made her own band t-shirts and wore tight pants –  completely badass. Who can forget that trademark haircut, which was a fusion of Suzi Quatro and David Bowie’s respective haircuts.
I really need to buy myself a new leather jacket this year – so in addition to this post I’ve added in my top three:


I’ll leave you with some music courtesy of The Runaways:


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