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How to Style: American Apparel Disco Pants

My lovely friend Elizabeth asked me if I ever did any styling advice posts  - I never have but I thought it would be a good idea to start it as a monthly thing. There are certain pieces that many of us can find difficult to style - it always helps me to see how other people have created an outfit. 
So Elizabeth has just bought herself some American Apparel Disco Pants and because she knew I already had a pair she asked me if I would do a post about how to style them. I wear mine to death so I had a fair few looks I thought she could try out - I had to take these pictures after work, so no natural light I'm afraid. 

Look One


The pants are extremely high waisted - the black ones I have remind of the ones Sandy wears in Grease. With this in mind they don't leave an awful lot to the imagination. For the less confident of you out there who still want to rock these trousers, don't despair. A long shirt looks great over these trousers - the good thing about this outfit is how stylish it looks without trying too hard. These pants look great with heels if the occasion calls for them. 

Look Two



Now I highly doubt (without loosing a little christmas weight) that I would wear this out and about but I wanted to added it in as an option. There are many cropped jumpers around at the moment - whether it just about reaches the waistband or you show a slight slither of skin - I paired this with my creepers. I think the pants would also look good with a velvet crop top too.

Look Three



For the ultimate grunge look I teamed this with a band t-shirt and tied a check shirt around my waist - another sneaky way to cover my bum. This makes for a great day time look if you are thinking the disco pants are meant to stay in the disco - I thought these would look good with my spiked loafers. 


  1. I've been umming and ahhing about these for ages!

  2. I would recommend this pants! They look so amazing on and feel great. If you arent sure, buy a pair on ebay first :)

    Thanks for this Laura, I have a host of ideas now!

  3. wicked

  4. nice shoes! you using Illamasqua makeup! I love too!

  5. My favourite option is number two by faar. Good styling work laday!

  6. love your shoes (:


  7. lovely update. cute blog. u have such a great style.

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    if u like, u can follow us.

    have a nice day

    xx k&m

  8. Awesome shoes.... We like your look here.. So much stunning!

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!

  9. Oh wow, these look amazing! I really doubt, with my hips I'd ever be able to pull them off, but they look amazing here!! xx

  10. Ohhh I love these!! I love the look of them with a crop top, beautiful xx

  11. I wasn't sure... but after seeing this post I went ahead and ordered them! Fingers crossed I look more rock chick and less sandy.

  12. Your shoes are awesome! And i like disco pants on you but i think it wouldnt suit to me because of my hips :)

  13. I have been lusting after a pair of disco pants for MONTHS and just can't decide if I can afford to shell out for them.. Too late. Read your blog. More than one outfit. Totally worth the dollar (Oh my gosh.. Just noticed someone mention they're on ebay.. EeeP)


  14. I LOVE YOUR STYLE. just found you blog and Im in love!

    where are your beautiful shoes from!?
    love your style:D

  16. Great outfits, you might just have convinced me to pop into a store to try on a pair of these!!