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Inspiration: Fellow Fashion Bloggers

I'm not really one for celebrity style, it tends to be quite safe in my opinion (this excludes Lady GaGa of course - who I love) - I find that the most stylish people I've met or seen are other bloggers. I find so many new labels because of reading other blogs which I like because it expands my horizons a little more everytime I discover something new.
I don't really mind what type of blog it is. There seems to be much debate on how many other bloggers come from extremely privileged backgrounds and have a lifestyle which is unattainable. But isn't that why we read Vogue and magazines like it? To look at those things which we cannot afford. For me looking at a blog like that is just like looking in a magazine. On the other hand I read many blogs where the person in question mainly shops on the high street or in vintage stores. I think as long as you enjoy the content, read away. 
I started reading blogs before I ever started writing one. There are some that have always been my firm favourites and some I only just discovered last week. So I thought I would take a selection of pictures from my favourite ladies and share them with you. You never know you might find one to add to your reading list. 



  1. Totally agree with you. Most of my inspiration is from fellow bloggers.. Love your list of favourites !!


  2. Yeah, they look really bright and cool :)


  3. Yeah, some bloggers have such good style, especially some of the girls you've shown. Like Fashion Pirate....... I LOOOOOOOOOOVE HER STYLE!!!! and Nadia from Foxyman. So good. Oh and thank you, for putting me up there too :) that's very nice of you, I'm flattered to be amongst so many stylish women.

  4. Lehappy and velvet codeine are two of my favourite bloggers! They're so similar but so different at the same time. I'll have to check some of these stylish girls out! Thanks for sharing.

  5. I'm like you, I look to other bloggers not celebrities for style inspiration!

  6. They're all great, thanks for sharing them with us! I especially love Christeric and Violet E in this selection.

  7. I would much rather lust over bloggers than celebs.. at least the bloggers actually dress themselves! Thanks for the list of bloggers, I'll have to check them out!

    xo Jennifer