Inspiration: Fellow Fashion Bloggers

I’m not really one for celebrity style, it tends to be quite safe in my opinion (this excludes Lady GaGa of course – who I love) – I find that the most stylish people I’ve met or seen are other bloggers. I find so many new labels because of reading other blogs which I like because it expands my horizons a little more everytime I discover something new.

I don’t really mind what type of blog it is. There seems to be much debate on how many other bloggers come from extremely privileged backgrounds and have a lifestyle which is unattainable. But isn’t that why we read Vogue and magazines like it? To look at those things which we cannot afford. For me looking at a blog like that is just like looking in a magazine. On the other hand I read many blogs where the person in question mainly shops on the high street or in vintage stores. I think as long as you enjoy the content, read away. 
I started reading blogs before I ever started writing one. There are some that have always been my firm favourites and some I only just discovered last week. So I thought I would take a selection of pictures from my favourite ladies and share them with you. You never know you might find one to add to your reading list. 


First Image: Nicola Claire, Le-HappyLulutrixabelle and VIPXO


Second Image:  Susie BubbleMichelle from Kingdom of Style,  ChristericDark Vice and Foxyman


Opinion Slave, Violet E, Fashion Pirate and Velvet Codeine.


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