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Lust List featuring Own The Runway


Todays Lust List is all about prints. I love a good print - they make up a good portion of my wardrobe. The skirt from River Island channels the lady-like trend for Spring/Summer - it also has a bit of a Versace vibe about it, don't you think? 
Own The is a new website to me but I found a couple of pieces which I wouldn't mind adding to my wardrobe. What do you think to these items I picked out? I really like the wedges - I want to wear more heels for work but many of my heels tend to be fairly high and chunky. Wedges are a great way to add height without fearing for your life while your out and about. I have a fair bit of walking to do on my journey to and from work, so these would be the perfect compromise.
I have seen a fair amount of snakeskin prints around but haven't actually added any to my collection yet. I think (like leopard print) you could go really wrong with this so maybe this shirt could be the first in my tentative steps towards a good snakeskin print?  


  1. LOVE love love the leopard wedges!! Perfect for my leather pants <3
    Great work!

  2. i love own the runway! the river island skirt is really cute too :) x

  3. I've been looking for a blouse just like that. Thank you I will be getting this :) xox

  4. Snake print ooooh yeeeehhhh xx

  5. Thank you so much for sharing this site with us! I adore the shirt!

  6. i love that bouse, you have an amazing blog :)
    great work x

  7. That skirt is gorgeous! I agree it has a Versace look to it :) x

  8. those heels are gorgeous! they would be so fun to have!

  9. lovely and cool.