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Product Review: Instyler


I was very kindly sent the Instyler to try out. I love trying different things with my hair but I'm not actually very good at doing inventive things myself - so having the tools to do it for me really help. 
After reading the instructions and watching the tutorials I had a go at it myself and was pleasantly surprised as it was really easy to use.  You can actually use the Instyler to both straighten and curl your hair - so whatever you fancy doing the Instyler can lend a hand. 

I decided to try out its curling capabilities - you simply wrap your hair around the barrel and hold together and wait while the barrel spins. I held this for around 10 seconds and let go. 

One tip I would give everyone is to be careful of the barrel, as it gets extremely hot and it can be easy to touch it without realising. The Instyler does come with a heat protector to fit yourself to protect you from burning your fingers - I found this made it more difficult to wrap your hair around the barrel so I have been using it without. This was the finished result:



  1. ooo loving the wavy hair hun!

  2. I've seen videos of this and I think I'd be absolutely terrible at using it! haha just got the babyliss waving wand though and I absolutely love that for waves and curls :)

    Just been flicking through your old posts and absolutely loving your blog! xxx

  3. I‘ve been eyeing this up since i first saw it but it‘s so pricey! Do you think its worth it? x

  4. I´m here again because i like so much what i find here.
    great post.

  5. Your hair looks great! I've never heard of this styling tool. I suck at all things beauty anyway. Straightening is pretty much the extent of what I can do.