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Purchase of the Week: The Cambridge Satchel Company


Having had a long Twitter conversation with Michelle from Kingdom of Style about this bag, I decided not to buy the ones on sale from The Cambridge Satchel Company - they all had faults which I could tell would annoy me if I ended up purchasing one. So imagine my utter delight when I went into Urban Outfitters to check out their sale and found this little beauty for the wonderful sum of £40. 
Now I do have a confession to make. There were three left on the shelf - two of which were marked in a fairly noticeable way. The last one wasn't marked but did have a hold ticket on for someone. I thought it must of been put back without them noticing the ticket - so I took the tag off and took it to the till. Will I get bad fashion karma? 
Here is the very bag pictured with a few other things. The purse was a present, but I believe it was from Zara. Lookin' to Rock Rita by Benefit is one of my most used perfumes - it smells so summery, spraying this on is great to cheer you up in the depths of winter. 
The ring is from Topshop and helps me channel my inner witch. The necklace is from H&M - I really like how simple this piece is. The lipgloss featured is from E.L.F cosmetics - I love these as they smell really minty and moisturise your lips. 
I picked up the new issue of Vogue yesterday which came with this collections guide for Spring Summer 2012. Have you guys picked up the new issue? 


  1. Ohh noo I really want that bag now so bad but im on a spending ban boooooo x

  2. i want one of those bags so badly but i can never decide which colour to get. leaning towards the pink one because yours looks fab! xx

  3. LOVE the bag. Totally worth risking bad fashion karma ;)


  4. that bag is great! love the color

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  5. nice! I have mine in neon yellow & love it to pieces. xx

  6. Perfectly cool!

  7. fluo bag is amazing!

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  8. it's gorgeous, I really want something insanely bright for the spring


  9. that bag is gorgeous!!! NEED!

    Drea xoxo

  10. Whooooa! Seriously? What a steal. I thought it was a real one! I looove the necklace and clutch, too! I'm feeling a bit of jealousy over here...

  11. They all look like amazing picks! Especially the bag, it will be a brilliant accessory to the new pale/pastel colours for S/S12 - and yes, I've picked up the recent Vogue. Gatsby Glamour is my favourite trend. Maybe it's the vintage lover inside of me, and the fact I adore Mia Farrow in the original.

  12. The pink bag is AWESOME!

  13. The bag is really nice but I could never pull something like that off!! And I bought Vogue the other day but wasn't really into it to be honest. I don't like pastel colours or bright colours I'm sooo boring! I'm more of a dark depressing A/W kind of girl!! x

  14. What a perfect shade of pink! I love all satchels but this one is so richly colored! Fantastic!

  15. Haha love it! And when it comes to shopping, the rules of a war apply - every man for himself! Or girl, whichever. Love the bright color, definetly a steal.