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Wax Lyrical: Blogging


I swear I haven't meant to make two posts centered around blogging. It just so happens that I have more time lately to think about my blog and where I want to go with it. Having read some negative things through twitter about discussing blogging instead of actually getting on with it, I was in two minds whether to write this post or not. In the end I thought if people are interested in this topic then they will read on, if not... there are plenty of other posts below that might capture your imagination. 
While at University I actually wrote my Research Project on the rise of fashion bloggers and whether it would marginalise the mainstream fashion media. It is interesting for me to go back and read over it - knowing what I know now. I spent a lot of time researching the phenomenon that was Tavi from Style Rookie - many journalists at the time seemed to be annoyed at her attendance at fashion week and why she was relevant. The BBC have actually recently interviewed Tavi which brings the whole debate up to date. Now as bloggers we provide our Google Analytics as part of the registration process for fashion week- just like a magazine has to provide their credentials. Although I do think the view of bloggers can be a bit of the mark. For example the latest issue of UK Vogue features a editorial based on fashion bloggers. The editorial is way over exaggerated as I don't know any blogger personally who could afford a luxury hotel and any designer item they could wish for. 


It seems that big brands understand the power of the blogger and what they can do for them in the online market. There has been a number of high profile brand x blogger collaborations which have proved successful. The problem with this though is that it seems to be an endless cycle of the same bloggers working with these brands - it might be nice to see them go out on a limb and invest in someone different. 
Now I have more time to put into my blog and have the money to invest in it I am actually seeing an increase in traffic etc. It is true hard work does pay off - at the back of my mind though I do remember why I started this blog, I wanted to be a writer of course. Sometimes I don't think I write enough on here, as it tends to be picture led posts that actually catch peoples attention. What do you think? What posts catch your eye? Other bloggers have got me thinking about what content actually works well. Hayley posted a readers survey which I thought was a brilliant idea. I know a lot of people give the advice - 'only write for yourself' but that just doesn't fly with me. I want to know people are reading, adding me to their blog lists and most importantly coming back time and time again. I still smile every time I get a new comment and I take the time to comment on others blogs. 

What blogs keep you interested and why? 


  1. What keeps me interested in a blog is getting to know people's personal style and what their influences are - I love finding inspiration in loads of places - magazines, movies, music, different cities and other people's inspirations and styles! I've only just started my blog but I'm already seeing how great a community it is!
    Love your blog,
    Drea xoxo

  2. Great pieces and fantastic style. love it.

  3. Great post! I love looking at individual personal style. It's so much more unique and interesting than typical fashion editorials. =)

  4. I think the interesting thing about blogging is the sharing of thoughts/ideas/inspiration. I like the personal element of it. And small, random blogs I come across are usually far more interesting than the massively popular ones. x

  5. Visual images certainly are what capture the eye at the start when you look in to a blog. Yet people who have a serious interest will read what is written as well, and is it`s just the usual 'hi im wearing this and this i ate ice cream today and watched that movie' then I doubt people will be coming back as the person will seem a bit shallow (unless it`s a purely style concerned, no writing aspirations blog - then that`s fine). But if you want to be noticed as a writer too, the writing is very important. I can say that this article was very interesting and I would actually would have loved if you would write a bit more on the topic - i was expecting something longer when you mentioned your researched. But maybe that`s just me)


  6. It's difficult to find your voice amongst so many blogs. I studied Media at University and started my blog in order to get my creativity back, but it is hard to keep your postings quality and upbeat, without just being another cliche or ignored page.

    I like reading blogs that are different and have attainable style, there's nothing worse than reading a blog that's clothes you'll never be able to affford/unattainable lifestyle.

    Keep posting! x