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What I Wore: Neon Lace Skirt ASOS


It would seem that neon is edging its way into my wardrobe - one piece at a time. First is was the neon pink satchel and now I received this skirt from ASOS in the post this week. I decided to take a few pictures with it on, in the remaining daylight today. Although the skirt is so bright that it seems to have its own aura around it. I spotted it a while ago but at £40 I thought it was a little too pricey - but then it went down to £20 in the sale so I added to my basket. I teamed it up with my leather detailed shirt from New Look. I will have to have a dig around my wardrobe to find some other things to wear the skirt with. Any ideas? It so so bright and eye-catching I think I'll have to stick to something toned down on the top. 
I am also wearing another sale bargain from Topshop. The eyeball ring was £1.50 - I got 3 other things in the jewellery sale too and it all came to a mere £10. I have an eye (hahaha) for unusual jewellery right now - I'm trying to gather together some stand out pieces to take to fashion week with me. 


  1. Great choice - I got this in the skirt in the sale too :)

    Ruth x

  2. Wow I love this combo - great job, you look awesome. I haven't been into a Topshop in ages, must pay a getting slightly jel of all these fab bargain finds I keep reading on other people's blogs lol. x

  3. Great skirt! I think you're right about wearing something more toned down on top, I think grey would look amazing with it too. And I love that ring too.

  4. Love that skirt. You have paired it really well with a muted colored top.