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Fashion In Film: Almost Famous

Sticking to what I said last month I'll be keeping some posts as a regular occurrence - I thought I'd give the fashion in film post another go. 
This time it is the turn of Almost Famous. If you haven't seen this film I'll give you a quick run down - the film follows a young William on his road to become a successful music journalist. At the tender age of 16 he is asked by Rolling Stone magazine to join the up and coming rock band Stillwater. Upon this trip he learns a lot about life, love and rock and roll. He is also ends up getting to know a group of girls who call themselves the Band-Aides (not groupies they insist) - among them is Penny Lane played by Kate Hudson. 
The Band-Aides are actually the source of my fashion inspiration this time. The 70's fashion with a twist will be a great place to take pointers from this summer. Crop tops, velvet and layering. Perfect.


So what would a modern day gro... sorry band-aide wear? I thought I'd take a look and put something together: 


All of these were found at a cool boutique I stumbled across while researching this post - Amelie Boutique. Go check it out and if you haven't seen Almost Famous go watch it... now. 


  1. I love this film. Kate Hud is so hot. Romy and Michelle is my favourite fashion film. I am a geeeeek.
    :) x x

    p.s- will you read my latest post please? It's an entry for a Grazia comp, I'd love your thoughts on it.

  2. Ugh, I LOVE your interpretation of what a modern-day Band-Aide would wear! I think you've got it totally spot on, nothing to argue with! My favorite's the top-right corner in the first picture-- if I were a Band Aide, I'd follow suit in her stylish steps.

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  4. I watched that movie on a plane once haha. The style looks pretty sweet, I like those shorts you chose for the modern almost famous look. I was planning to kind of analyse the style in a movie too, legally blonde, haha, I was supposed to get it done today but then.. well, I had to go to the hospital -___- sigh

  5. still loving this movie and kate hudson's performance :)


  6. Ahh, I love this film - Kate Hudson's look is great for festivals, but I also love Zooey Deschanel's air hostess outfits x

  7. Oh my, I was just planing to watch Almost Famous this afternoon ! Now I am definitely going too as I really liked your post :* Thank you !

  8. Really great post, I love 70s fashion - this film is perfect for it!

    Drea xo

  9. love the pieces you choose below :)
    Love Lois xxx

  10. I love the shorts! My friend makes shorts like that all the time! :)

  11. This is a really cool post - and I love that film. Great outfits, and you put together a cool ensemble. :)

  12. This post is so inspiring , have to watch this movie now . x