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Inspiration: Fashion Coffee Table Books





Another place I tend to get inspiration from - fashion books. These are the ones I currently have on my book shelf  - I have more hidden away but we'd be here all night looking at pictures if I featured them all. The most recent additions to my collection are the Lady GaGa and Terry Richardson photography book and the Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty book. I love both of these books and would really recommend them. The GaGa book is full of wonderful animated photography and is a definite must have for any fan. 
Savage Beauty had me oooing and ahhhing at the wonderful works of art inside the pages. Lee's creations really were a sight to behold - this is the best book out there for any McQueen fan, I spent my time saying 'I saw so and so wearing that and that....' 
Luella's Guide to English Style is such a lovely little book it is packed full of amazing inspirational english women who have a definite style. The book also talks about the various fashion packs with hilarious illustrations of such subcultures as Emos
The first book I bought out of these was the Vivienne Westwood book by Emma Wilcox - it's a wonderful book packed with photos of Viviennes various collections dating back to the start of her career. 
What are your favourite books centered around fashion? Do you have any you can recommend me? 


  1. Sooo got the MK and Ashley book. Surprisingly good. I want the Carine Roitfield book sooo bad, but I'm lacking pennies. You have a tre good collection. x

  2. The McQueen book is STUNNING, isn't it? My friend got me it as a present and I couldn't stop looking at the photos, they're so beautifully shot. I love how they all have movement in them too, his pieces definitely need that dramatic look about them!

    Luella's drawings are so cute in her book, I want skills like that! Nice collection! :)

  3. I really want the Gaga and the VW fashion books. Where did get yours?

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    xx Heidi

  4. love coffee table books!! westwood and mcqueen ones are great! I quite like good art/photography ones too. x

  5. I agree the McQueen book is amazing. But honestly I could just sit in front of Fashion books all day, particularly the Chanel ones and the old fashion Vogue front covers with young Kate Moss in them and the like! Might hint to my friends to get me these books as birthday presents! Until then I shall stick to my fashion magazines...

    Gemma x

  6. i have a book addiction so this is freaking me out right now! you have such an awesome collection! so many inspiring works right there