London Fashion Week: An ‘Outsiders’ Experience


A few people wanted me to write this post, talking about the experience of Fashion Week from an ‘outsiders’ perspective. Although I don’t think I’m as much an outsider as some. There are some people that just go along to Somerset House to soak up the atmosphere and to be photographed by the many street style photographers. 

As this was my first Fashion Week everything was an exciting new experience – with lots of lessons to be learned. I arrived for the first show, Bora Aksu, to find the longest line I have ever seen. I joined the end and paitently waited but with fair few of us left we were told that the venue was at capacity and the doors were closed. Great start. Now I have realised that this can happened quite often – in the end it happened three times during the week. But for those three I was turned away from I got into three others. I found with help from other attendees that by waiting at the venue till all the people with tickets had gone in, if there was any room in the venue, staff would let you in to see the show. I thought this was a great opportunity for smaller bloggers like me, who may not have initially caught the PR’s eye, to cover a larger show and gain a valuable experience. I think all publicity is good publicity. In the end I saw Felder Felder, Mark Fast and Ashish in the main Courtyard Space. 
We have all seen the glamorous parties and pictures but I must stress Fashion Week isn’t as glamorous as the media make out. In reality your running across London to make a show and burst into the venue a sweaty monster and out of breath. Also I went extensive periods without eating – I had no time! You will spend most of your time queuing (unless your really really important), so be prepared for some serious standing around. Also I still feel the general ‘frosty’ atmosphere towards bloggers – even though there are many bloggers at fashion week. There is a press lounge which includes a Bloggers Bar, that I had been using  through out Friday and Saturday – come Sunday I was told my burly security that I wasn’t allowed in as I was a blogger. I went to ask about this at Reception and was told bloggers weren’t supposed to be allowed in. I pointed out the presence of the Bloggers Bar and she didn’t really have a answer for me. I understand journalists need somewhere to re-charge etc but if you are inviting bloggers along to cover Fashion Week, we need somewhere too.
All this being said I would not trade the experience for the world. It really cemented my love for fashion and only increased my passion to make it as a writer. I met some of my fellow bloggers and chatted to people in line. Ended up getting into Mark Fast with Gem and Jen, only to find we were sat behind Kanye West – there is a picture going round on twitter. Saw Ashish – one of my favourite designers show his collection. Felt like a celebrity by being papped. If you want to work in fashion I think this experience is invaluable and really sorts the ‘men from the boys’ – if your bored by the first day you know it isn’t for you.
I still have more things from London to share with you all which will go on into next week – so if you would like to see more please check back. 

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