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London Fashion Week: Ashish AW12

So I need to talk about Ashish - on Tuesday I went along to the Courtyard Showspace to see if I could see the show, if they have space in the venue they do let us lowly people in who don't have a golden ticket. After waiting for an hour my persistence was repaid and a few of us were let into the venue. 
Ashish has to be one of my favourite designers - what is not like when his collection showcases a beautiful display of sequins. The show was aptly titled 'Bollywouldn't.' This season he went for a nu-grunge/street vibe - there were more slogan jumpers to be had and fantastical knitted scarfs which engulfed the models heads. The middle eastern vibe was felt through out - many of the models had some fabulous nose jewellery going on.
This collection had so many pieces I would love to add to my wardrobe - I'm looking at the sequin maxi and biker vest. What did you think to the collection?


Ashish really cemented the fact that the 90s really are back with a vengence - but in a good way. My pictures weren't the best because I was stood at the back of the venue, I didn't want to put up rubbish pictures which wouldn't do the clothes justice. I did take a video however - so you can get a feeling for the atmosphere inside the venue. Enjoy.


  1. I absolutely adore Ashish, was so sad I had to miss this show!

  2. Ashish is one of my favourite designers. Always fresh and love his signature sequins.

    Great post and lovely blog,

  3. I just wanted to congratulate a fellow northener and grabbing London fashion week with both hands and really going for it! Its a real achievment when you do have everything set up for you, but even more so when you don't! I'm from up north! Sharon xx

  4. omg lucky you!! i didn't even know that you're officially able to get in although you don't have a golden ticket. congrats!!! :D
    love your blog & especially that there's someone finally WRITING about it with good content :)
    following you back!
    xx love,