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London Fashion Week: Street Style Take Two

I have lots of street style photos from my time at London Fashion Week - there will be one more after this which focuses in on the details. I hope you all find this kind of post interesting - there were so many stylish people at fashion week, I was spoilt for choice. Some people were always in the mist of a photo scrum, as dozen of street style photographers took their picture. When this happened I tended to just move on as I wanted to try and find people who weren't going to pop up on every website known to man. 
The fashion crowd was awash with colour and texture this season - which is nice to see in the mist of February. Seeing all these people has inspired me to save up for special pieces and not to buy so much throw away fashion. This is the manifesto Vivienne Westwood has being championing for a while now - lets see if I can stick to it. 
Below is a collection of shots of ladies I thought looked amazing - let me know which look is your favourite. 

DSC_0428 DSC_0225 streetstyleshot


  1. The girl in neon yellow looks beautiful.
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  2. Nice pictures! Everyone looks amazing. x

  3. I like all of them, but I particularly like the girl with the neon. She looks like she's having fun with it all, instead of posing too much, which I like. LFW looks ace. One of these years I will get there, before I'm too ancient!

  4. Wow the street style is so creative! I love the first two pictures!! The cat is just genius, I need to get one for my sorry spinster self!

    Gemma x

  5. NOBODY does it better than Ivania!!! She looks Hot in that LIME GREEN SUIT!!!!!! <3 <3 <3

  6. I love these posts so may inspiring people I have also seen pics of you from LFW looking fabulous on other websites xoxo