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Lust List: Statement T-Shirts


As promised I am trying to open up a little more of life to you guys and show you what I do when I'm not staring at things longingly on ASOS. I like to partake in seeing live music - although I don't go to gigs or events as often as I would like to. This weekend myself and my boyfriend went to the Don't Flop To The Test 10 Weekender in Leeds. If you don't know what Don't Flop is I'll give you a little rundown. Don't Flop is a rap battle league based in the UK, they hold events up and down the country, giving the MCs a chance to showcase what they can do. I had such an amazing time and saw some classic battles. If you'd like to know more about them you should check out their YouTube Channel. To bring this back to having a fashion angle - I bought one of their T-shirts this weekend, the RAP t-shirt in the collage above. This is of course their take on the famous GAP t-shirts - it's a great talking point.
Ted's Draws is a great place to find statement t-shirts - I already have the sold out Prince tee. His new set of designs are sure to be just as popular as the last. This time he has opted for a movie theme - this one featuring Christopher Walken especially caught my eye. Lastly, Wildfox always bring out some amazing statement t-shirts. I love this skull and cross bones tee - we all know I love anything with a skull. I love to wear all t-shirts under a checked shirt or a cable knit cardigan now, as it is so cold.

What are your favourite t-shirts? 


  1. oh my god. A t-shirt with Christopher Walken's face? I think I need that. I love bold tees like that and I'm a sucker for a band tee - I collect them after every major gig I go to - The Kills, Placebo, The Dead Weather... oh and McFly haha!!

    Drea xo

  2. haha Asos... the biggest time waster of all time. pretty much spend all day at work on it!

    Love these finds btw!!/photo.php?fbid=3168714306152&set=o.159635650751682&type=1&theater

  3. La de la calavera es muy graciosa y eso que a mi no me van mucho, besos.

  4. Cool tees!

  5. Sounds like a great event and Asos... damn, I can relate. I spend a lot of time browsing that site too, as well as many other online sites. Sigh. Btw the t-shirt you bought is very smart indeed :)

  6. awesomeee! Love the shirts!! :D


  7. Argh !! That 'Rap' tshirt is amazing !!



  8. I must acquire that Rap t-shirt! AMAZEBALLS

    Gemma X

  9. i'm big on tee shirts too. one of my favorites is this one i got from walmart for like $3 and its black/grey tiedye with a print of some horses and the moon (supposed to be weirdly native american...) i like to wear it inside out a lot of the time since the tiedye is so cool.
    another one i really like but that is now listed in my online shop cause i rarely wore it, is a big thrifted muscle tee that says "down wit opp"

    cool blog! i can tell its good cause it provoked me to write so much!