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Fashion In Film: Enid Ghost World


Here we are again with another fashion in film post - this time I'm taking a look at Enid from Ghost World. I love her carefree style and how un-afraid of colour she is. Ghost World follows two best friends Enid and Rebecca as they graduate high school and try an find their way in a world that seems so alien to them. They play a prank on a middle aged record collector - who Enid actually goes on to find is her kindred spirit. I love this film, its so kooky but still has a heartfelt message.
Enid wears some pretty bold looks through out the course of the film, her most famous is probably the one from the movie poster - raptor t-shirt and checked skirt. It got me to thinking, what does one wear now if you edging on the side of geekdom. 

I thought a modern day Enid would still stick with the dinosaur theme but maybe something a little different like this vest from Topshop. Every geek worth their salt has a backpack - I liked this red and tan one from ASOS, it's a little different to all the black ones I've been seeing (I also have two black ones myself) on the high-street. As the mini skirt isn't having a moment I thought Enid might opt for this lovely checked number from Romwe. The boots are typical Enid - something chunky for stomping around in. These boots from Ebay are actually winging their way to me as I type, all the way from China. 


  1. I love inspired outfits! Be it Jane Eyre
    Or early madonna
    Can't wait to see this in the flesh!

    1. you'll be seeing the shoes - but this was a metaphorical 'what would enid wear?'

    2. Just as good.
      glad your getting the shoes as i was dying of envy over them.

  2. oh, i love ghost world, it´s one of my favorite films and comics.
    i like too much the relation between fashion and arts.
    this enid outfit inspired is really nice.
    i wrote a post about her style too. (


  3. enid is definitely one of my style icons. i can't imagine how many times i've watched ghost world xx

  4. i've never seen the film but i like the way you interpreted the "modern" enid!
    xx from germany

  5. Love it! Check my blog and follow me if you want sweetie :X I`ll follow back !

  6. Ahh I love Ghost World!! Great choice of shoes, I've been meaning to buy a really stompy pair but haven't gotten round to it. I may have to do some eBay trawling... x