Fashion In Music: Lady GaGa

I know, I know this is a cliche or whatever but no other artist in recent years had highlighted fashion the way Lady GaGa has. She has encouraged people to be who they want to be and not be afraid of who they truly are. When I saw Anna Dello Russo she spoke of dressing your best everyday and it will help you have the confidence to face the world. This is a mantra Lady GaGa most defiantly follows. I really do believe this – when do you feel at your most confident? I don’t believe in ‘saving something for best’ – if you like it wear it. 
Love her or hate her she is a champion for new designers and established ones alike. Even wearing designs from fellow bloggers such as Zana Bayne – from Garbage Dress. With her constantly changing the way she looks (even the shape of her face) Lady GaGa could never be called boring. I find her one of the most inspiring artists of our time. The art of dressing up is something we take part in from a young age – I particularly loved dressing up as Jasmine from the disney film Aladdin. Lady GaGa is simply carrying on playing ‘dress-up’ into adulthood – I say why not if I could play dress-up with her wardrobe, I would.


Being a massive nerd for social media I also love how much she has embraced it – making her fans feel that little bit closer to her. If you have ever loved a band or an artist you know how important this is now for any fan.

What do you think about celebrities on social media sites? 

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