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What I Wore: featuring The Cambridge Satchel Company

outfit2020312 IMAG0226

| Shirt, Urban Outfitters | Jumper, Zara | Jeans, Topshop | Creepers, Underground |
| Neon Satchel, The Cambridge Satchel Company | Rings, Topshop |

Just a quick outfit post for today (the pictures are from my phone too, sorry about that) - I wore this one of the days I was down in London and a few people snapped a picture but I have yet to see them anywhere online, so I thought I'd put this up of me wearing it today. As usual I look like Chandler Bing so please do excuse that. I have seen this bag everywhere as part of many trend reports - so glad I snapped it up for £40, the same bag is going for £115 in Harvey Nichols. I really do love the neon trend at the moment - it looks so good when done right. What do you think?
I met the lovely Sheree from Glitz & Grime yesterday and we were talking about an exciting little blogging project that we hope will come together soon. I'll be able to tell you more at a later date. 


  1. THAT satchel!!!!! WOW! You look very pretty. :) x

  2. Satchel is lavelyyy. Can't believe you got it so cheap! And it compliments your yellow jumper nicely too!

    Gemma x

  3. Love it hun how awesome is the colour xoxo

  4. I love how you can spot these a mile off because they practically glow! Looks great with your jumper too :) x

  5. Amazing look! Love your bag, the color is stunning! :)

  6. Good to see a fluoro in action ...