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Fashion In Film: Clueless


Here I am again with another fashion in film post - I seem to just be going through my favourite fashion films of all time. Of course high up on my list is Clueless - AS IF! Had to add that in there because we all know Clueless is well known for its catchphrases as well as the clothes. This summer I would most like to be channeling Cher's look - how awesome is the black sheer shirt and white tank combo? This got me to thinking, there has been such a 90's revival of late - what would Cher wear these days? 


I loved this dress from Nasty Gal - it ticks all the right boxes and I'm sure Cher would strut her stuff in this. Of course she has to throw on the sheer black shirt to keep Daddy happy. This one from Topshop caught my eye - I really liked the dipped hem and I thought it brought the whole outfit up to date. Of course we can't forget the cross, this simple one from ASOS did the trick. I thought Cher would love these shoes from Sweedish Hasbeens - still adding a touch of coy to the outfit.
I'll leave you with this amazing video I came across documenting every outfit change Cher Horowitz wears in Clueless - there are an amazing 50 costume changes! 


  1. Wooo! I loved your last film outfit look couldn't wait for anouther.
    This has Cher written all over it fantastic work.
    I live the shoes and dress, might have to check out sizes on these

  2. Love this post! Ridiculous how this film is 17 years old now.

  3. LOVE Clueless best movie ever... and I love that Nasty Gal dress X


  4. aghhh I love this film and I love her style,

    of course you can do a feature!! I would freakin love if you got a few pics of the lookbook in there:


  5. I watched this the other day! Love it. xx