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Timothy Roe, provider of bespoke jewellery.

As you all know I am a lover of costume jewellery but when I'm looking for jewellery to wear everyday I tend to stick to something a little more simple. I wear them same silver plain earrings everyday (along with my tunnels). So when I was approached by Timothy Roe and asked to pick a ring from their Spinning Jewellery collection. I chose the Sprinkle Dots ring - I loved the simple design and thought it would be perfect for everyday wear. I've worn it everyday since I received it in the post. It came so nicely packaged too - I always appreciate good presentation. 

What are the pieces of jewellery you can't take off? 


  1. Ahh so pretty I am feeling a shift to simple items xxx

  2. Skinny jewellery is coolio :-)

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