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Manchester Fashion Week 2012: Day One


Bank holiday Monday brought the start of Manchester Fashion Week - me and a friend headed over to The Avenue at Spinningfields to see what Manchester had to offer. There were three shows going on -  first up was Private White V.C, then River Island and Nadine Merabi closed the proceedings. This is going to be an image heavy post so please click on the link to read on...


Now I am always first to champion any fashion events going on in the north of england - these such events are few and far between and are often a bit of a let down. While I applaud the guys who put this event together I can't help feeling that there were still room for improvements. 
When we arrived to be seated there was no one in sight to tell us where we should be sitting - so we kind of had to guess. When we were seated, by a lovely lady might I add, we waited for the first catwalk to begin. The first model walked out but there was still some left over runway rolled up to the side of him, cue a speedy guy who quickly grabbed the offending article to make way for the models. 


I don't normally comment on Menswear but I'll make an exception for this collection. There were some really nice stand alone pieces. Lots of layers and different textures created an easy to wear collection. I was being told by the ladies beside me to get some good close ups of the handsome models - of course I obliged.

Next up were River Island who displayed a mixture of casual looks with more dressy looks. For me the stars of their show was the footwear - River Island always seem to be able to take a trend and turn into something wearable for the public. There was plenty of black and white to be seen - along with splashes of mint. The below pictures were two of my favourite looks.


Last up was Nadine Merabi - who showed at Vauxhall Fashion Scout at London Fashion Week. There were some amazing gowns on display - as you can see from the images below the real detail was in the back. Shimmering fabric and detailed cut outs made the collection a sight to behold. I can see these gowns being a fabulous choice for any celebrity hitting the red carpet.


This event had all the right ingredients to be amazing - I think for next time the small details need ironing out and then Manchester will really be a force to be reckoned with. 


  1. hi! I'm glad that someone else says that MCRFW is not so good. I was excited about it but when I saw tickets and who is fashion show program I was not really impressed so I decided to don't go. I hope that next year will be better ;)

  2. Sorry to hear it was a little disappointing. The gowns are lovely though.

    Emma x

  3. I like your post so much! Sounds like an amazing fashion show!
    Take a look and if you want we can follow each others: Cosa mi metto???
    Win two Mimi Boutique jewels of your choice

  4. So jealous wish I could have gone but I was cursed to be indoors because of all my amounting university work! When I saw it online I thought I'd go but it didn't look as good as I thought it would. However the dresses on some on some of your pictures are lovely! Fingers crossed next year's will be better and I'll be able to judge for myself!

    Gemma x

  5. So gutted I missed this when it was practically on my doorstep!! Looked amazing, so impressed the north west have an event like this!!

    Rianna xxx