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Nail Art Tutorial: Skull Nails

After posting my picture from Instagram of my nail art I have had quite a lot of interest in a tutorial. I wanted to do one for a while but it takes a lot of setting up and I didn't have the time. When this beautiful Wah Nails book landed on my mat today I knew I just had to crack on with it. So please forgive me as this is my first attempt at trying to explain something like this....


First off I start with some hand and nail cream - I need to look after my hands after a hard days work. I use this Elemis pro-radiance cream - I actually got this in a goodie bag from the Mark Fast show at London Fashion week. Then I use Models Own 3 in 1 as my base coat - always use a base coat, unless you like stained nails.


Next I use Barry M's Matt White - you'll need two coats of this as it is quite sheer. I always get white around my cuticles but after I've finished I just go round the edges with a cue-tip and some nail varnish remover.


Lastly comes the fun bit (or hard bit) - the skull itself. I start my drawing the eyes - two little dots which I then add to, to create more of a socket. For the nose I draw a upside down loveheart shape - start at the top with a point and draw downwards. The teeth are the easiest bit and they don't have to be perfect. I draw each of them one by one. The best way to describe it is an upside down L which is then joined on by another and another and so on. Lastly I draw a line at the base of the cuticle which follows the nail bed round - this is to make the whole design pop. Follow this all with a top coat. 


And there you have it - your own skull nails! The best thing about this is it doesn't have to be perfect.

Let me know if you try this - you can tweet me a picture @lauraanderson4 or you can follow me on instagram at @aforteforfashion and show me your designs!