Review: Dermalogica Microzone Treatment



Today myself and my mum went down to the Dermalogica counter in Harvey Nichols. We each had a voucher for the Dermalogica MicroZone Treatment from our Mother’s Day goodie bags. This treatment would normal cost £20 – I think after having it, this is a great price because so many products are used and it isn’t a rushed through job. The lovely Amy took me through every single step and what benefits each product had for my skin. The scary looking machine below turned out to be not so scary it actually speeds up the process of any masks that are applied and makes sure the product gets right into your skin. It was nice to hear that my skin was actually looking pretty good – I always thought I had fairly bad skin for my age (most people have grown out of spots by now) but with this new and improved skin routine I’m sure my acne scarring will soon fade. 


Afterwards I looked over all the products Amy had used on my face and I had a chance to use them again on the back of my hand. I decided in the end to pick up the Daily Microfoliant – it seemed like the best all round product to buy which would slot right in to my current skin routine. Of course I was sent away with some other samples of products that were used in my treatment – a great way to choose my next Dermalogica purchase. You are also supplied with your face map which tells you which products were used and also it is a great way to track progress any progress you have made with your skin when you come in for your next treatment. I really do recommend going down and speaking to some from Dermalogica – they give great advice and it will leave you with skin to be proud of. 



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