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Week in Pictures: Welcome to Instagram


Now that Android users have access to Instagram I have become obsessed with it. I've always been a fairly nosey person, so being able to see snap shots from peoples lives is something that really appeals to me. 
In my attempt to get better at nail art I bought some more pens from New Look this week -what do you think? I thought about doing a step by step tutorial for the skull nail or the eye ball nail, would that be something you would all like to see? 
As you can see I was rocking my spiked pumps again this week, I really can't count the amount of times I have been stopped and asked about these babies. I feel slightly famous when I wear them. I went shopping with my mum this weekend and picked up a few things. All the clothes I bought were in sales - I always love a good bargain. I went into Liz Earle to buy their skin tonic and I have to say I have never been severed by such lovely staff. The people in there always try and make your shopping experience an enjoyable one - thanks Liz Earle! 
I also picked up my hair dye - which actually involves 3 dyes in total. My hair had gone a little orange from a previous dying session and it didn't look great on me. Safe to say I am back to my normal red-pink look, which feels more like me.
This eyeball necklace was actually spotted by my boyfriend while we were in Topman - I always try Topman for their jewellery as they have some similar styles to Topshop but a little cheaper. 
The last picture was an attempted to show my funky t-shirt from Cheap Monday and to show my awesome £15 mirror off - what do you think? 
I don't think I'll be making this blog post a weekly thing but I might share some pictures every so often to show you what I have been up to. 

If any of you have Instagram please feel free to follow me on: aforteforfashion 


  1. I would be interested in the skull nail- I love nail art (although I cant were nail warnish on my fingers for work) but i would love my toes to rock this look!
    I only shop in sales/charity shops/eBay I cant get enough of bargains!

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  3. How great is instagram! I am addicted to it... more then blogging sometimes. I put user name in my latest post just today if you feel like following someone elsee :)

  4. great pics!

  5. I love your nails and shoes. Lovely blog!

    Emma x

  6. Blown away by your nails, awesome!!

  7. How fab are you nails!!! Love the pumps too, where are they from?? x

    1. they are from The Cult Label ! amazing shop based in singapore!

  8. Your nails were AWESOME. Love the eye one. Gonna copy (shhh, don't tell!)

  9. fcuking cool stuff...

    visit me...