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Whats In My Bag: Featuring Urban Outfitters Backpack


| Bag, Urban Outfitters | Superbalm, Liz Earle | Revlon Lip Butter in Tutti Frutti | 
| Keys, feauting Mark Fast keyring from LFW | 
| Phone, HTC Desire HD (Floral case from Amazon) |
 | Models Own Nail Varnish, Beach Party and Blooboo | Handcream, Elemis |
 | Beanie, Topman | Purse, Zara | 

I always love a good nosey into people's bags - it kind of shows you a little bit more of their personality. This backpack is from Urban Outfitters which I actually picked up in the sale for the bargainous price of £20. I'm not one to carry around a lot of things with me on a daily basis - these are the main things I had. I had just bought the two Models Own nail polish featured above - Boots are currently having a 2 for £8 offer on them, so now is the time to snap some up. I'm looking forward to trying the Hed Kandi collaboration - a have seen it on a few friends nails and it looks fabulous. 
I always need some hand cream with me because I hate how dry my hand gets from using cheap soap at work - this works a treat.  The superbalm from Liz Earle is really good for lips and any dry patches you might have - it works wonders on elbows! I am loving the new Revlon Lip Butters - I often find lipsticks really drying so this is a perfect solution. 
My sheep keyring was from the Mark Fast goodie bag I managed to grab while I was at fashion week - I like this little dude on my keys, don't you? I just picked up this case for my phone and I love it - it made me feel like I had a whole new phone again. 
I always throw this beanie in my bag to keep my hair dry and under control in this ridiculous weather we have been having in the UK. Lastly is my purse from Zara which my mum got me at Christmas - skulls and spiky studs, pretty much me in purse form. 


  1. Oh my god is that bag velvet!! I love it so much Im insanely jealous
    I cant believe how empty your bag is- but I guess mine is just full of pens for work and cup a soups (as I always forget to take a lunch with me).
    I generally have moisturiser in my bag too for the same reason- I must wash my hands 100 times a day and put on alcohol jel- my nails are a mess!

    1. hahaha your comments make my day!

  2. I love your bag! I'm scared to wear rucksacks because I'm so dozy someone will end up rooting through my things behind my bag and rob them! Your phone cover too seems to have a SS 12 theme to it! And Models Own 2 for £8? Have to remind myself to get down there before the offer ends!

    Gemma x

  3. I love that bag, the velvet is awesome :)I hope you will follow my blog :)


  4. I absolutely love these posts :) Im so nosy. I love your backpack! Following x



  5. You have a beautiful blog with so many inspiring posts! Congrats on your work!
    Would you like to keep in touch following each other?

  6. Hello there, thanks very much for the comment you left, nice to know the scarves and bags are liked! Just in the middle of designing lots of new ones! Hope to see you in either of my shops soon.

    Great blog post, what an absolute bargain this back pack was at only £20! I'm freakin LOVING models own nail varnish at the moment, this 2 for £8 deal has been the death of me! Must have bought about 6 so far, I have banned myself now from getting anymore for a while.

    Am following your blog now,

    Rianna xxxx

  7. oh I love the little bag with the skulls and studs!