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How To Colour Hair: Red Hair At Home


I often get asked if I get my hair dyed in a salon - the answer is no. Although it would be lovely to have someone do it all for me, I have being doing my hair myself for about 2 years. Red can be one of the hardest colours to get right - mainly because if you have dark hair (like I did) most people's advice is that you lighten it first before adding any red. I didn't actually put bleach anywhere near mine I just started to dye it red and it has gradually gotten lighter which in turn has made the red appear brighter. 
I first do my roots with a L'Oreal Feria dye, in the colour 'Spice Power' - I really like these dyes as they don't seem to dry my hair out. It surprises me the amount of people that use the Schwarzkopf Live colours as I found them to be extremely drying for my hair - and was more often than not disappointed with the colour I was left with compared to what was on the box. 
After the dye on my roots has developed I wash this out and then add semi-permanent colour to the rest of my hair. I do this because you can get a brighter more vibrant colour with semi-permanent and it isn't as damaging for your hair. I actually mix two different dyes together to get my desired effect. I use Crazy Colour in 'Fire' and 'Pink Fire' by Creative Image. 


I have to say if you are dying your hair any bright colour be prepared for the clean up and make sure you wear gloves! 
There are a few tips if you want to maintain a healthy head of red hair. You can wash your hair in cold water to keep the colour - I am not a fan of this for obvious reasons but it is said to work wonders. I also try not to wash it too often because the dye will fade quickly. This is when dry shampoo becomes your best friend - I use one by TiGi, which smells really good. I have quite thin and flat hair which means I like products that give me lift and bounce at the roots. I use Redken's Velvet Gelatine at my roots when I blow dry and I like to keep that hold with Aussie's Dual Personality Hi-Hold and Hi-Shine Hairspray.


Who else does their hair at home? 


  1. arrrr I wish i still had red hair! yours looks so amazing I really cant believe you do it at home!
    I remember the days of home dye kits- I started dying my hair sinse I was 12 up until I was nealry 17 it was all home kits- them my ssiter started hairdressing so I get my hair done at the salon for next to nothing (shes now the top colourist in her group of salons so I get it done every 3-4 weeks and modelled a few times).
    I agree with semi-pernament dyes. Its the only dyes i use on my hair- they are so much brighter and bolder and much more gentle, and if you dye your hair as often as i do (and change it) semis are the way faward.

    1. I was going to put a picture up of the finished result but I've just finished - it takes three hours and its now dark hhahah
      Your lucky to get yours done by your sister - saves cleaning up!

  2. Thanks for all the tips...esp that I don't have to bleach my hair (I haven't tried the at-home kind b/c i'm scared of bleaching it myself!). I would really like to try though - then feel rich w/ all the moolah I saved!