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Monday, 28 May 2012

What I Wore: featuring Zara Vest Top


| Vest, Zara | Trousers, Romwe | Shoes (just seen), Topshop | Sunglasses, Ray Ban | 

As most of you are aware the UK has being having somewhat of a heat wave - I think this is what they call summer but I can't be sure as it usually leaves as quick as it came. I bought this vest from Zara at the weekend, again adding to my ever expanding skull themed clothing. The see no, hear no, speak no evil skull men are really cool - the material is also really light so it is perfect for hot days. I teamed this up with my trousers from Romwe, they have a concealed pair of shorts. I wouldn't be rocking them without anything underneath, don't worry. I've had these ray bans for about 8 years, I love that they have never gone out of fashion and probably never will. I like this outfit as it isn't too revealing but still keeps me cool. I hate the fact that whenever there is a hint of sun, the British seem to get as much out on display as they can, oh the array of white pasties! 

What have you all been wearing to keep cool? 


  1. I love that top! Here's hoping it makes it's way to Zara here in Aus. The pants are great also x

  2. Love the vest looks awesome teamed with those fab pants. I have pretty much been living in shorts in some form or another with crop tops and the English summer is pretty much like blink and you will miss it xoxo

  3. i love those trousers, their perfect for our suddenly hot weather!
    mantenso xx

  4. I hate how everyone suddenly goes out with little more on than their underwear! I wish I had those trousers that is ssomething I would were- the last few days of sun I've just been out in high waisted midi skirts as the floasty ness makes me feel cool and crop tops (so there is little layers but no skin is on show).
    I love the vest as well- I'm so glad I'm not the only one who hasn't grown out of skulls yet :)

  5. love your trousers, sexxxxy! BTW check out my American Apparel secret sales post. They have stupidly cheap items and I can give you a ten pound off code too! xx

  6. there must be sth about gauzy trousers lately, i'm craving one too... going to layer with opaque pieces.

  7. beautiful outfit and pictures dear, love your style!