Lust List: Summer Dresses



With my holiday fast approaching and more social events springing up over summer, I’ve been looking at different dresses for a variety of occasions. Lots of people will be graduating this summer which begs the inevitable question – what do you wear to graduation? When I graduated I wore a dress in black and cream, its hard to look good in a giant black gown, so I didn’t want something to fussy. More and more people these days seem to be upping the style stakes for graduation so really many of the above dresses would work. The Sister Jane dress is available to buy at Topshop I really like the galaxy collar but it looks like it could be a little short. The floral tea dress from Topshop would be a great addition to any summer wardrobe – it also has a cut out back which is a cool addition. Maybe on a shorter person like me it could be ok? I think I’m going to get the Zara dress – it would look great with a tan and it is an affordable price. All the other Zara stuff with studs on seem to be insanely overpriced.

Have any caught your eye? 

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