Event: Nelly High Heels Tour



On Wednesday I attended the Nelly High Heels event  You could go along and get yourself a free pair of shoes – you had to look around and pick three of your top choices which you then had to enter into their computer database. I didn’t really feel like this was the best way to do things as you actually just spent the whole evening in one long que. Despite the tedious nature of all this I had a nice time catching up with some fellow bloggers and checking out the shoes on offer. The top choice of the night seemed to be the Black spiked numbers in one of the below pictures. On the cards it informed you how long it would take to deliver your free pair of shoes – these ones said September! I think the idea is brilliant and is a perfect way to introduce Nelly to the UK – next time however I think they have to think a little more about the logistics of something as big as this. 



Me and the lovely Sheree from Glitz and Grime. 

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