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Review: Couture A/W 2012 Part One

Versace displayed a sea of ocean like pastels and flowing chiffon. No one does the body-con dress quite like the house of Versace - and for the couture collection Dontella certainly brought back a touch of the nineties. The small waists were in abundance whether it be cinched with a belt or created with amazing patterns - Dontella is a fan of the small waist. I have to say I love these strappy heels - something a little different to the traditional heel. 


It was a refined affair at the house of Dior - again like Versace we saw many a small waist. My favourite look of the collection has to be the above hot pink number. I wouldn't say no to one of those metal waist belts either. Raf Simons has a lot to prove and it is clear that his experience at Jil Sander has had influence on this collection. I liked it but it didn't feel very 'Dior' there was a distinct lack of the drama of Galliano - only time will tell if he can develop his style at Dior.

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  1. I hate raf- the models all looked like sad anorexics with greasy hair and terrible makeup. Bring back the anti-semite, at least he had vision! xx

    p.s- great post!

  2. I love the Versace but definitely agree the Dior is playing it a bit safe!! :) xx

  3. Hi sweeite- I nominated you for the sunshine adward just as a massive way of saying 'I think you're an amazing blogger and wonderful woman'!