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Review: Couture A/W 2012 Part Two

I was in love with the rich colours displayed at Elie Saab. The black dress above has to be my favourite but that is just because I'm rather partial to a black dress. The cut and design behind this collection was absolutely stunning - I love the shape of the last coral/pink dress, it looks so elegant without being overly fussy. The turquoise number wouldn't be one for the fainthearted - I can see someone wearing this on the red carpet in the not too distant future. 


You can always rely on Jean Paul Gaultier to make a truly couture collection, that has people wowed. He didn't disappoint here -  there was a touch of the 20's about the collection with a dash of something other-wordly. It felt decadent and there seemed to be so much to take in. I have my eye on the line print tights above. I loved the clean make-up too - everyone loves a classic red lip. 


Riccardo Tisci never fails to disappoint me  - his collections are ones which I cannot wait to see. His presentations are always a little different  - this one came complete with a rather lovely looking dog. The leather work on the dresses and capes was second to none. Mixing velvet and leather together - what more could I want from a collection. I recommend you got take a look a more detailed shots of this collection to see how intricate it is. 


  1. The Riccardo Tisci collection looks FANTASTiC!- whats not to like about velvet AND leather! I love both matrials speratly and together but now i might step up my game a bit insptired by these.
    thanks so much for the comment on my blog

  2. love these collections!great post!

  3. The Elie Saab collection was my favourite - might sound a little dim, but my reasoning is because it was just SO pretty! :) I loved the byzantine side to it.

  4. ahh couture collections are always a dream so far far away for me !! love it x

  5. Jean Paul Gaultier collection is A M A Z I N G!!!

    you have such an interesting blog! what do you think about following each other?

  6. I looove everything that they are wearing!

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