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Review: Smashbox Photo Finish


I bought this on the plane from Duty Free - it was a bargain at £19. I've been looking for a primer for under my foundation for ages. I have combination skin which can get oily as the day goes on. I need something that will hold my make-up in place. 
This has such a light feel - I was worried that having this and a foundation on top would feel too heavy, but this is so light you hardly know it's there. I have to say that it is actually keeping the shine at bay for much longer and also holding my make-up in place. It helps to keep the make-up from creasing on your face too, I'm talking about those fine lines and yes I do have them despite being 23. 
I highly recommend this product if your looking for something to hold your make-up all day. I'm yet to test out how my face looks in pictures and whether it really has a photofinish. I'll share a picture with you in a couple of weeks. 


  1. I've always wanted to try a primer -im nearly 23 and still have the skinn of a teenager :( - so I'm glad you've recomended this. I'm going to search for it today and give it a little test.
    thanks for the blog comment- I love my shoes too i can't believe someone donated them to charity!
    Have an amazing time at the blogzilla event!

  2. This is really fun. Thanks for sharing.Love your blog.

  3. Thanks for the advice lady. I've using a primer by Lancome right now, it seems alright.. I wouldn't really know though, it's the first primer I've ever used.