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What's In My Bag: Holiday Edition


These kinds of blog posts always seem to go down really well - so I thought I'd do one with my hand luggage. I'm going on holiday this week so I'm having to do a couple of scheduled posts. Obviously I will have more than this in my bag but I didn't think you'd want to see my phone, purse and keys. Also I will be taking my camera with me to get some decent shots while I'm away.
Obviously I will be taking my new found love, the kindle, away with me. I'm reading 50 Shades Darker at the moment - thought I would see what all the fuss is about. It is an entertaining read but don't expect a masterpiece. Even though I have plenty to read I had to pick up ELLE for the plane journey. I love reading through the runway edit, so this should help me pass some of the time. 
I had to get myself a miniature spray bottle of Liz Earle's Skin Tonic - not only is it great before you apply your make-up but it works well as a pick me up for tired skin. Perfect for the plane. I also have Liz Earle's superbalm - I always get dry lips when traveling. 
I picked up this kit from Asda which I can decant my shampoo into etc - and it is suitable for airport check-in. The bag is from Primark - I was so surprised when I saw it, I thought it looked a lot more expensive than the £9 I paid for it. 


  1. I really like this rucksack, I'm trying to find one I like before going camping at the weekend!

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