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What's In My Travel Make-Up Bag

| Make-up bag, MAC | Kabuki Brush (182), MAC | Illamasqua, Loose Powder | 
| Sheer Skin Tint (Beige), Liz Earle | Makeup Mist and Set, ELF |
| Naked Palette, Urban Decay | Blush Creme (Posey), MAC |
| Blush (Trace Gold), MAC | Mascara, Rituals | Brush, Illamasqua | Eyeliner (black), MAC |

I never want to take too much make-up away with me because I only wear it at night. During the day I give my skin a break and just wear my sun cream. At night I like to wear make-up that compliments my tan so I tend to go for golds. Trace Gold blush from MAC is a perfect highlighter for sun-kissed skin. 
The Urban Decay Naked Palette is great to have in your bag as it has a great mixture of colours for variety while your away.
 I just picked up this skin tint from Liz Earle this week. So far I am really liking the texture and the finish it leaves on your skin. I'm hoping using this and giving my skin a rest will really help to clear it up. Of course the sun should help with this too. The ELF setting spray is something I'm going to need as the temperature doesn't dip that much on an evening - keeping my make-up in place is essential. 


  1. Great post, I've bee wanting to try that Illamasqua loose powder!

    Drea @ Drea's Junkyard

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