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Colour Wheel: Designer Accessories

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I was asked my Matches to look at what designer accessories I was lusting after for the season. No matter what the season I always lust after Alexander McQueen jewellery - I love the simple skulls and know that these pieces would be something I would wear everyday. 
I'm all for an 'arm party' so this cute friendship style bracelet would be perfect to stack amongst a sea of other bracelets. Another trend I jumped on board with is the ever versatile beanie - I love this lime green one from Acne. I always throw one in my bag in the winter months to cover any offending hair issues. 
This cute little bag from Anya Hindmarch is actually meant to be a make-up bag - I need something thats machine washable so there is no way I would put my make-up in this. It would work well as a small clutch and you'd fit all your essentials in. 
I've always wanted a YSL art ring but it isn't something I've ever thought to buy for myself. My birthday is coming up next month - I wonder if anyone will be kind enough to buy me one? I loved this deep purple clutch from YSL - it's such a classic style and I'm sure would last you years. The last thing I looked at was this Marc Jacobs laptop case - it's always nice to have something pretty to store your laptop in if your always on the go. 
What designer accessories do you have your eye on? 


  1. I want that beanieee! Soo cute , can't wait till winter haha! :)

  2. Love the colour wheel fab idea..

    Think this week I would like to own 1,2 and 4! Gorgeous xx

  3. I love the laptop case- my favourite colour!

  4. Nice post

    love, katheryn

  5. i love the YSL ring, always will until i finally save up and buy one!

    great post!

    from helen at // @thelovecatsinc

    ps. enter my new international jewellery/accessory giveaway to win one of two prizes!

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  7. I love AMQ too, I could buy everything they do.


  8. In love with the McQueen ring! Though, I don't think I could say no to anything McQueen! The Marc Jacobs laptop case is amazing too!