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Fashion In Music: Spice Girls

Seen as it is the Closing Ceremony of the London 2012 Olympics tonight I thought I would dedicate this post to one of the closing acts, the Spice Girls. I remember as a young girl being totally and utterly obsessed with them. See, I was never into the whole boy-band scene, even from a young age I was totally disenfranchised with the thought of swooning over men (this came later haha). I rolled my eyes at the girls on tv crying at the break-up of Take That. But the Spice Girls caught my imagination, telling girls to be themselves and basically not to stand for any shit. Obviously now looking back I can see I simply bought into another franchise and the music was cheese but they were an important part of my youth. 
With the re-emergence of the 90's on the high-street, now is perfect time to bring back girl power. I'm looking forward to seeing what they do at tonights closing ceremony and I will undoubtedly and unashamedly be singing along.

There was a different spice girl for everyone but there were things they were known for. Crop tops, platforms and colour blocking were some of their favourite trends. Of course I had to include the famous Buffalo platforms which are now available again from Office. Another nineties classic which I remember owning was Casio's Baby G watch - I think they go nicely with these white Buffalo platforms. The white crop top makes an appearance here from ASOS - I think I need to get myself a few of these in different colours. I loved these patchwork jeans from Topshop - another trend from the nineties brought up to date.  What do you think of the outfit - Spice Girls inspired but with a modern twist.



  1. YES!! you was right i LOVE this post :D
    And oh my how good did they all llook last night? I was a little upset at first gerri want in the union jack dress but then i realised she was going for a very cool wonder woman look and thought it was so much better! and russel brand singng the walrus in those trousers- swoon!
    Love the buffalo boots- really considering buying a pair but I dont know if i will wear them enough

  2. Definitely looks like the perfect outfit for Sporty Spice. I loved seeing them at the closing ceremony, even Boris was having a boogie
    Alice xoxo

  3. What an amazing post! Oh, how I wish I was a Spice Girl!