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London Fashion Week: A Survival Kit


With London Fashion week less than a month away I thought I would write a little tongue in cheek piece (but seriously take heed) about what you need to survive fashion week. 
First I'll kick off with your Exhibition Pass - please note this doesn't get you into any shows, you have to apply for those separately. This will grant you access to the Exhibition halls and into the Press/Blogger Lounge, when the bouncer on the door is feeling nice. As I found out depending which bouncer (looks very much like a nightclub one, in case we fight over the vitamin water) is on the door dictates whether you can go in or not as a blogger. This puzzled me because they have a section of laptops in there with a sign 'Bloggers Bar' emblazoned across it. Oyster card goes without saying - I just top it up when I get into the city. Next up is your phone - essential for twitter updates and to arrange meet-ups with fellow bloggers. 
The traditional notepad and pen is a handbag essential - when your phone dies half way through the day you'll be praising the fashion gods you put these in your bag. I think a dictaphone is great for catching a little vox-pop from those people you stop for street style shots. It's quicker than writing everything down - you could get them to say shot one, shot two etc so you have something to relate back to. Something you'll need if you are going to do things like this, are your business cards as naturally people want to see where their face is going to end up. An extra memory card for your camera is also good to have - you end up taking more pictures than you think and those memory cards soon get full. Something else you need is your camera of course - used to take this picture so not in shot. 
I cannot stress enough the need to carry some snacks and a bottle of water in your bag - the food is expensive and you're so busy that food is often an after thought (and I love food, a lot.) Make sure you keep hydrated - we don't want you passing out while running from Mark Fast to Richard Nicoll. 
I will champion this Liz Earle skin tonic till the end of time - a great way to freshen up between shows. I got this Blistex Moisture Max in my Leeds Blogger Meet Up goodie bag. A perfect size lip balm to have in your bag and easy to apply while on the go.
Finally no blogger would be without their trusty laptop - in my case my Macbook. At the end of a long day you have to write up everything you've seen - if you are in the press lounge you can set up camp and get your blog post straight up.

Is there anything you'd add? 


  1. This is an awesome guide! I didn't apply for this year as I'm in the middle of a massive move to London around that time and I already have enough to do, but in future I definitely want to hit LFW! X

  2. great post! I think you've covered all bases :) xx

  3. Oh stop it I can't cope it being so close, it has really crept up on me this year! I have to add spare batteries and spare camera after a total malfunction during the topshop show where I ended up having to use my Blackberry camera not good! Hope to see you there x

  4. Totally agree with all of those, especially the food one, I'm exactly the same! I'm so gutted I can't afford to go this time, was really looking forward to getting to meet a few people I always seem to miss at events! Have an awesome time though & I might possibly see you in February for A/W! :)

  5. lovely items and blog! xx