Nail Art: Cartoon Eyes



Sorry for my little break in posts – I have been celebrating my boyfriends birthday. Just a short one for this sunday. I’m going to make it my aim to get some more posts scheduled for this week with a little more thought in them.
Here is a fairly simple and cute design. This was first seen on the catwalk at Henry Holland, I like it because it looks impressive but is so easy to do. Personally I think it looks best with a pastel colour as a base. I used this blue one from Models Own. After this I draw the whites of the eyes – just round off the part closest to the top of the nail so it looks more like eyeballs. Wait for this to dry completely before you go ahead and draw on the pupils – too many times I’ve tried to draw them on earlier and ruined my earlier work. The dot for the pupil it so easy to do, just make sure it is at the base closest to the end of your nail and there you have it.

Is there anything you would like to see me try next? 

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