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Fashion In Film: Romy and Michele's High School Reunion

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So I seem to be covering a plethora of  my favourite girl films - I'm not usually one for a rom com mind you, I prefer a girls film where the fashion is fierce and the message is clear. After discussing the film with a friend from work, I decided it deserved a blogpost all of its own. Romy and Michele have an array of crazy looks through out the film but my favourite has to be these Madonna themed prom dresses. This is another film that's so bad it's good. 
I have being reading everywhere that the gothic cross will be in for Autumn/Winter - this necklace from ASOS is perfect to tap into the trend. It also channels the Madonna vibe. Team this up with bralet top and lace skirt and you are ready to do your best 'vogue.' 

What would you like to see here next month?


  1. Used to love Romy and Michelles high school reunin, mostly because of their crazy outfits haha, and the fact that they claimed to invent post-its :) love this post xx

  2. Ohh great post! These two girls are amazing :)x

  3. Love this film!!


  4. Love this film also! :)Used to be my Sunday
    Outfits are amazing.. Lisa Kudrow does comedy without knowing it in this and in Friends. :)

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