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Event: Spray A Little Happiness

spray a little happiness

spray a little happiness

I'm a sucker for perfume as you all know, so when I was invited down to take a look at The Fragrance Shop's new initiative. Spray A Little Happiness is focused on spreading joy through the power of smell. How many of us associate a particular memory to a certain smell? I know I do. They have also teamed up with charity Rays of Sunshine and will donate 5p for every transaction with a goal of £100,000. This money will go on to grant the wishes of children with serious illnesses. The shoppers of Leeds were treated to prizes when they used 'the claw' - you could also take your picture in their booth and upload it straight to their Facebook wall. 

lacoste touch of pink

I was lucky enough to be given Lacoste's Touch Of Pink - which The Fragrance Shop thought was their happiest fragrance. I have never owned this before but was always a fan of the fragrance. With a top note of blood orange it has a resemblance to Lady Million which I received the other week. I would say this is the great perfume for every day wear - it isn't too over powering but seems to last all day long. What is your favourite day time perfume? 

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  1. Love this idea, I want to give it a go! Also loving your blog, enjoying having a little nosey around! New follower :) xx