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Fashion In Music: Debbie Harry

debbie harry blondie
Having grown up listening to Blondie, both my parents were big fans, I thought it only fitting to dedicate my next fashion in music post to the wonderful Debbie Harry. Debbie was one of the first to rock suspenders on stage as part of her outfit. She was a big fan of a statement t-shirt which she teamed here with some rather skimpy looking leggings. Debbie was also a fan of a a body-con dress to show off her killer figure. I love how she is still gigging now - what a legend. I thought I'd recreate an outfit: 

debbie harry outfit
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I loved this body-con dress from Nasty Gal - I'm sure Debbie Harry would of rocked this back in the day. Not sure I would wear this at the moment, currently working on my abs of steel by doing Zumba twice a week. I thought these classic style court shoes from Topshop would be perfect for this look, I love the added detail of the metal toes to bring it up to date. Of course no Debbie Harry outfit would be complete without a smokey eye - this one comes courtesy of Models Own. This set includes a 'how to' guide, which I thought was a nice touch for make-up novices out there. 


  1. I've got a lot of love for Debbie Harry! xx

  2. Debbie harry is my idea of the perfect woman. I LOVE HER!!
    The maority of my style is based on her- i like to mix it up like she did. mixing 'punk' and lady-like or andorgonos (arrr cannot spell) to make somehting totally her. It was my wish for years to have patchy blond hair (as she dyed it herself) and i once did but looked awful on me!
    I would totally wear that dress, and a pair of heels (i wish i could wear pointed shoes but i know i was fall over in them) tones of dark eyeshadow and smokeyness, and a mass of red lippy.
    thanks for the comment on my blog- the post will be up soon. the only problem is its so hard not to buy the clothes im reasearching i have to keep walking away and getting some tea/juice! there was some seriously cool looks

  3. love this post!! Debbie is so amazing.

    xx. Hybrid Hunter

  4. Love it, she's do amazing! Great pics too, the shoes are gorgeous x


  5. When you think of Debbie's style looking at these pictures above from the 70s which are nearly 40 years old there was no one like her for style she was so ahead of her time. Debbie was is the coolest woman out there and very respected and influential in the fashion industry of today in the year 2012. Designers have been falling over themselves from the early 80s to use her as their inspiration over the past 40 years that followed I have see her style everywhere. A true trail blazer.

  6. love the outfit and the inspiration :) xx

  7. Ahh I love Debbie Harry and now that dress!


  8. Love the outfit, your post really has inspired me for my brief!