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In The Spotlight: La Redoute

I took part in a discussion on Twitter this week about how much of your personal life you show through your blog. I think that it is important to have an aspect of your everyday life so people find it easier to relate to you. I am more inclined to go back to reading a blog if I can see personality through their writing and things they share with their readers. 
All this being said I thought i would share some of what I do for a living. I work for a brand called La Redoute as their Web Content Executive and this week I have been in London overseeing some styling videos we are shooting for our website. This involves long days and a lot of hard work but I loving seeing the finish product in action after so much preparation. I took some behind the scenes shots for you all to have a look at - enjoy!

la redoute
la redoute la redoute
la redoute


  1. Ah love this little insight, your job sounds so fun!

  2. I love la redoute :) your jobslyndsso much more interesting than mine :(