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hair care

The fact that I colour my hair means I have give it some TLC when it comes to products. There is nothing worse than dry brittle hair, especially when you want to maintain a long style like I do. If you don’t care for your hair you will end up having to have it all cut off anyway, so I try and use a few things to give it a helping hand.
Hair Dye
I’ve just started using Garnier’s Olia (not pictured) this month which uses oils and contains no ammonia which is a huge bonus for me. I went for the colour Deep Violet – I’ve moved away from the bright red now and much prefer this darker colour for Autumn/Winter. I really liked the dye and must say I didn’t feel any of the hot itchy scalp sensations you can sometimes get with other colours. My mum did say however that the bottle was hard to hold (yes she helps me out haha) – she kept dropping it in the bath.  Another thing is one bottle is not enough for my length hair – I still have some red showing through but it doesn’t look that bad and kind of works I think. You’ll be seeing more pictures of my new colour soon. 
Hair Care 
I try and change my Shampoo and Conditioner every so often so my hair doesn’t get too used to it. I find with having such fine hair it can get greasy quickly and once it gets used to a shampoo and conditioner combination it just won’t do what I want it to. At the moment I am using Aussies’s Miracle Moist Shampoo with John Frieda’s Full Repair Conditioner. I also don’t always use the same brand shampoo and conditioner just because I think some are better for one thing and their counter part doesn’t quite match up. I’m big into hair oils for improving the condition of my hair. Currently I alternate between V05’s Miracle Concentrate and Indola’s Glamour Precious Oil. I mainly use these on the ends of my hair before I style it – it gives me a soft silky hair with a great shine. 
Hair Tools 

I just bought a Tangle Teezer which is great for getting the knots out of my hair, of which I get loads because of the length of my hair. I also use a wide tooth comb when my hair is wet to minimise the damage – this is when your hair is at its most vulnerable. 
Finishing Tools

To finish of a hair style I usually use Aussie’s HI Hold and HI Shine Hairspray which smells great and doesn’t just leave your hair feeling sticky like some hairsprays can. I also use Batiste in Tropical for between washes, it’s also great for creating volume with flat hair like mine. I have this miniature bottle of Shine Spray from Vidal Sassoon which smells so good and gives my hair an incredible gloss and is great for popping in your bag.

I find with my length of hair I tend to loose lots of it – does anyone have any miracle products for minimising this hair loss? 


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