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What I Wore: Featuring Izabel London

What I Wore
What I Wore
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I was kindly sent this dress over by Izabel London  - I wanted to find different ways to wear it so I simply tucked it in to my new Leigh jeans. I really like the scarf print, it also comes in a blue colour but I preferred this regal red colour. I thought it would look great with my Aggro boots too because of the gold on both pieces. I love this cardigan from River Island - the PU sleeves are something a little different. This casual look is still interesting, I don't like dressing down completely. These boots add a touch of excitement to any outfit, I only went out food shopping and people were stopping me asking where they were from.
Don't mind my leg - it seems to have a mind of it's own in these pictures. It seems my legs have taken over from my face for being the awkward ones.
I'm letting my hair colour go wild a little as I'm dying it a deep purple soon, the lighter my hair goes the more likely it is to take. I'll be using the new Garnier Olia - if anyone would be interested in a review I'd be happy to do one. 


  1. Lovely outfit! The boots are amazing!

    Emma x

  2. thank you for the comment on my look show review- i am IN LOVE with that la redoute coat! So jealous you work there!
    your pu sleeve cardi is beautiful and i cant believe that amazing top is a dress- it looks beautiful and like one of those expensive scarfs :) its amazing!
    cannot wait to see your new hair- im so jealous of the length yours has

  3. Stunning boots. This outfit goes so well with your flame-red hair.
    You're a very stylish lady

    le fresne x