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Event: Specsavers Spectacle Wearer of the Year Awards 2012

specsavers awards 2012 mcfly tom specsavers

Last Tuesday I was invited to the Specsavers Spectacle Wearer of the Year Awards. Myself and a friend went down to Battersea Power Station which was lit up a fantastic green. I was invited last year but due to being in Leeds couldn't get to it so I was happy when I found it would be when I was in London for work. There were canapes and booze a plenty when we arrived. We then had to find our table which had our names assigned to seats. The awards were to crown the winner of their model competition - the lovely lady above in the long green dress won the award, she was a well deserved winner. As you can see above Gok Wan presented the whole evening - he was hilarious and a great host. There were awards for the best celebrity spectacle wearers too. Much to my delight Tom Fletcher of McFly was there to collect his award - had to go get a cheeky picture with him, couldn't call myself a McFly fan if I didn't. The evening had a great cause at its heart - Kidscape the kid's anti-bullying charity. As a glasses wearer you can often suffer through out high school, anything that sets you apart from other people, that thing that makes you special can be the one thing people choose to single out. It was great to be at the awards where people acknowledged this and we all wore our glasses with pride.

We were given a rather lovely goodie bag - complete with hair products, jewelry and a Missoni scarf. I'm excited to try the Andrew Barton hair cream - I'll let you know how I get on with it. I have also being gifted some free glasses from Specsavers which I will be featuring on here for soon, which I'm so excited to get. I had such a fabulous night  - thank you to the lovely people at Beattie for inviting me along. 

specsavers awards 2012


  1. i have to say i do love a bloke in glasses! what a great event!


  2. This is so funny that there is an award for the best glasses wearer !! but looks like a lot of fun x

  3. aw this looks like so much fun! i think I'd have been a nervous wreck if I'd met anyone from McFly haha! x

  4. Oh wow, you're so lucky to have gone here - it looks like so much fun!
    Love your blog and looking forward to following you!
    If you have a spare moment, please check out mine, and if you like what you see, follow back?
    Andrea xxx

  5. Oh my god you met Tom- arrrrrrr!!!! Fan girl moment- I love the Mcfly boys! Do jealous.
    The lady is green in beautiful- do glad you got to hi to the event- not going to lie this has encouraged me to wear my glasses a bit more now. Perhaps I'll look as glamourous as you one day
    P.s. thanks for the kind comment!

  6. Hi,

    Hope you have fun wearing your TANTRUM jewellery you received in your Specsavers goody bag. We have a store in Stratford Westfield with loads more products. Also look out for our website which will launch by then end of 2012! :)

    See you soon!