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Fashion In Film: The Twilight Saga

You either love it or you hate it, sue me I bought into the Twilight phenomenon - am I the worst feminist in the world? Bella Swan had to be one of the most male reliant characters in recent times. Having said that she turns out to be the unlikely hero at the end of the saga - I won't ruin for those of you who want to see it or read the book. Also the film isn't known for it's fashion maybe it is the anti-fashion film. There isn't anything extravagant in terms of fashion in the whole five films but I thought it was worth a mention because of its cult status. The main 'fashion moments' are Bella's wedding dress and Edward's coat in the first film, anyone who has seen it will know what I mean. It is a film of practical fashion, I thought I would take a look at the main character Bella Swan. Now Bella isn't known for her injection of colour but I thought I would add some to this outfit but still make it 'her.' I added the luxury of the Wang t-shirt - if you have all the money you could ever want, you might as well splash out. 

bella swan breaking dawn part 2


  1. I love the books and films!! Last one was amazing! Really like the purple vans! x

  2. Well, it was a beautiful movie with a phenomenal and superb anti-climax.The baby Renesmee was lovingly beautiful but she and her gestures appeared to be animated. The protagonists of the epic romance; Kristen & Robert have played their parts well. Bella being welcomed as the new member in the family and being taught the vampire ways and arm-wrestling with others was a bit hilarious. The older Renesmee was supercalilifragilidocious. Jacob (Taylor) was brilliant with both his acting skills and one-liners. The other vampires were welcoming each with different abilities. The first half, however, was comparatively a bit slower. But it picked up pace post interval. Michael Sheen (Aro) was convincing in his role both pre and post Alice's vision. The fighting scenes were awesome with the entire theatre cheering, whistling, clapping & jeering when every central character killed a villain.The most heart-warming sequence was when Bella finally makes Edward see what she actually thinks about him and how much she loves him (with her newly acquired vampire-powers), as she was the only person whose mind Edward could not read. And then the song 'Forever' truly containing the soul of the story and the movie and telling that "WE WILL STAY FOREVER THIS WAY" was emotionally heart endearing; also introducing us with the characters at the same time. Though it was my first 'Twilight movie' on 70mm screen but I really felt connected and moved with the romance between Bella and Edward. This was a true feast for the Twi-hard fans and the perfect ending (by Bill Condon). The movie has a potential to instil curiosity with the new viewers