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In The Spotlight: Uniqlo HEATTECH

uniqlo uniqlo

Winter is defiantly in full swing - which leads me to think of warmer clothes. I was fortunate enough to be sent some clothes from Uniqlo from their HEATTECH range. I thought I would venture into the cold to really test the garments out. The camera flash and me doesn't mix as you can see from the above pictures - I do like this outfit together though, the top is long enough to cover your bum. The way these pieces have been made means that they retain heat and feel like a second skin. I find that winter clothing can get pretty bulky, so these products make a welcome change and will work in any situation. 
Too many times I have been traveling on public transport and get over heated because of the thick layers beneath my coat. HEATTECH allows you to breathe while still keeping you warm.
I teamed it with my favourite winter coat, beanie and combat boots - I thought it worked well with the pale blue of the polo neck. I can't remember the last time I wore a polo neck - surprisingly I have found I am quite partial to this one. You might have also heard of the new smart phone friendly gloves from this range - I think I'll be picking those up next. What do you make a beeline for in winter? 


  1. Wow these sound great, I've found that Primark's cosy tights are perfect for the colder months :)


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