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Review: Forlle'd


This little pack from Forlle'd landed arrived at my front door a couple of weeks ago - I tweeted a picture of the abnormally large box it came in. It's the perfect size for travelling with, I've been away a few times over the past few weeks and this fits in my bag and doesn't take up much room. Do you like travel sized products?
I love the clean smell of all the products, I'm not so keen on strong smelling skincare products. I really liked the packaging too - I'm drawn to simple packaging, the instructions inside are also set out really clearly and guide you through a variety of routines. You can opt for a simple 3 steps if you are in a rush or it will guide through a more complicated routine if your skin is in need of some tender loving care. 


  1. How cool- looks like the perfect travel sized. I like that they're not string smelling- I hate it when all you van smell is skin products, it's like a waste of perfume! And great idea having the guide it with it