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Fashion In Music: Stevie Nicks

stevie nicks Click on the number to see the product line
This months fashion in music post is dedicated to the one and only Stevie Nicks. I'm a massive fan of Fleetwood Mac and I thought it was about time I had Stevie up here. One of my favourite songs of all time is 'Edge of Seventeen' - if you haven't listened to this song full blast while you sing your heart out, you simply haven't lived.
I thought to bring Stevie's look up to date, I would head over to Missguided and look at the bounteous amount of velvet on offer. I thought this deep blue number would be the perfect dress - I love the silhouette. Add a large black beanie, you can pick up these pretty cheap everywhere. I like this one from ASOS. To create your choker, a la Stevie I suggest popping down to your local haberdashery and picking up a metre or two of ribbon. A cheap and easy way to create your own choker.


  1. The dress is perfect, I love it. So going to order it now :)

    Love, Paula

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