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In The Spotlight: Vine

I'm sure you have seen the buzz about social app Vine this week - some of it for all the wrong reasons.... However I love the possibilities it has opened for sharing a snippet of your life. You have 6 seconds and the option to use the stop start tool. I've being using it this week to share some live 'outfit of the day' videos. I think it's a great tool for bloggers - there are so many possibilities. Could this be the instagram of video apps? Would you be interested to see videos from events I go to - next week I'm hitting the Harvey Nichols beauty event in Leeds.

Sorry you cant see the videos, they dont seem to work on ipad. My user name is A Forte For Fashion - I'd love it if you would add me!

First Video - Jumper, Skirt and Necklace from Topshop. Creepers from Underground. 
Bag from La   Redoute. 

Second Video - Dress from Topshop. Cardigan and Necklace from Internacionale. 
Boots from Shoe


  1. I have been seeing the hashtags etc but really didn't know what it was. I would love to see things from the Harvey Nichols event, wish I could go to it too, but I am at my Womens Institute meeting that night (god how old/retro do I sound?! lol)

    Janine xx
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  2. Ooh will have to check this out. Lovely outfit :).

    Sadie x